Bobby Jo Rogers, Owner

Skin Care Therapist, LCOS

Certified Oncology Esthetics

Certified Laser Technician

Laser Safety Officer

Certified Novalash Stylist

Services Offered:

                     Osmosis Facials

​                     Specialized Oncology Facials

                     Novalash Eyelash Extensions


                     Advocare Health & Wellness consultation

Coming Soon:

                     Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, Laser Esthetics

​                                         STAY TUNED!!!

                     It was a strange and unexpected turn of events that brought me here, but it is wonderful to be here.  As each day passes, I consider myself one of the  most blessed people on this earth.  Not only have I been blessed with my health, which allows me to move forward with my vision, I have been blessed with an amazing support group consisting of friends, family and co workers.  

My vision for Sweetpeas and Blueberries ... A Skin Care Spa is to eventually have every member of our team trained and certified in Oncology Esthetics and/or Oncology Massage so that we can better serve the community and provide comfort to those in need.  If you'd like to help with this vision, please go to Bobby's Boutique and see how you can help.

Karen Oshiro, Esthetician

Hawaii State Licensed Esthetician

Certified Oncology Esthetics

Services Offered:

                     Osmosis Facials

                     Specialized Facials for oncology clients


Anson P. Sing, LMT

Hawaii State Licensed Massage Therapist

Modalities Offered:                

                    Swedish Massage


                    Trigger Point Therapy

                    Deep Tissue

                    Myofascial Release (MFR)

                    Thai Massage

                    Sports Massage

                    Range of Motion Techniques

                    Facial Massage

                    Prenatal Massage

                    Gerontology Massage

                    Proprioceptor Neuromuscular Facilitator (PNF) Technique